Solar Power Plant Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Area will Solar Panels Occupy on my Terrace ?
    • For a flat roof terrace the Solar Panels will require about 150 square feet area per Kilowatt of Solar System. For a slant roof Solar Panels will require about 100 square feet area per Kilowatt of Solar System.


  • Can I operate AC or other heavy devices on Solar Power ?
    • Yes You can operate AC or other heavy devices on Solar Power if you install a grid tied system.


  • I have researched the market , but I found big variations in price from supplier to supplier. Why is it so ?
    • Like every new market the Solar Market is also filled with suppliers big & small. The product price depends on various factors some of which we list as follows:
      • Quality of Product offered
      • Features of Product
      • Finishing & Material Used
      • Warranty Period offered
      • Working Model of Supplier
      • After sales services offered
      • Quality of after sales response
      • Gap between promises & actual product performance


  • What is the Cost of Solar Power Plant ?
    • Grid Tied Solar Power Plant will cost as follows:
      1KW                           Rs. 1.3  Lac2-10KW                      Rs. 1 Lac / KW11-50KW                    Rs. 0.9 Lac / KW   51-100KW                  Rs. 0.8 Lac / KW101-1000KW              Rs. 0.75 Lac / KW

      1000KW & Above     Rs. 0.7 Lac / KW

    • Off Grid Solar Power Plant ( i.e Solar Power with Battery Backup) will cost as follows:
      1KW                        Rs. 1.6  Lac
      2-5KW                    Rs. 1.3  Lac / KW

      6-10KW                  Rs. 1.2  Lac / KW
      11-20KW                Rs. 1.1  Lac / KW
      21-50KW                Rs. 1.0  Lac / KW

Note: The above price estimates are approximate & only for understanding or budgetary purposes. In actual practice it may increase or decrease due various factors such as material cost, labour cost, actual site conditions, terms & conditions agreed between supplier & customer.If you require exact quote please contact us.


  • What Benefits will I get by Installing a Solar Power Plant ?
    • Financial BenefitsSolar Power Plant generates electricity & pays its own cost in 5-6 years. There are no moving parts in solar system. So, there is no wear & tear of components.The life of solar power plant is about 35 years. So, the electricity generated by it will be about 6-7 times (ie.500-600%) compared to its investment cost.Tax BenefitsUnder section 32 of direct taxes any energy conservation device is eligible for 80% accelerated depreciation in 1st year & remaining 20% in 2nd year.Solar Power Plants fit into this category.For, example if:

      Scenario1: You have not purchased a Solar System

      1. Your company yearly income is Rs.1Cr

      2. Your tax will be approx Rs.30 Lac (30% tax rate)

      Scenario2: You purchase a 100KW Solar System

      ​1. Your company yearly income is Rs.1Cr

      2. Your take depreciation of Rs.64 Lac ( Rs. 80Lac(Cost of Solar Plant) x 80% depreciation)

      3. Net Company Income after claiming depreciation is Rs.36Lac (Rs.1Cr-Rs.64 Lac)

      4. Your tax will be approx Rs. 10.8Lac (30% tax rate)

      NET TAX Savings: Rs. 19.2 Lac (Rs.30-10.8Lac)

      Electrical Consumption Benefits:

      We know that whenever a heavy electrical device such as AC or Motor or Pump starts it draws 3-5 times energy. In absence of solar power all this energy has to be drawn from Utility. So, the meter reading spins very fast.

      Now, say after installing solar power whenever any heavy load starts the starting torque momentary energy is supplied from solar power. So, the meter does not spin out of control.

      Environmental Benefits:

      Solar Power is completely Noiseless power unlike diesel generator. So, No noise pollution.

      It is also zero emission power. No air pollution.

      Which means a healthy & Clean work environment.

      Branding & Asthetic Benefits:

      Nowadays every company increases its brand value by taking green initiatives to fight global warming.

      You can showoff the solar power plant  to your clients to show how much you care for environment.

      In your industrial area the Solar Panels will ad value to your company asthetics

      Cooling Benefits:​

      The area below the solar modules gets less heated up.

      So, less heating means less bills towards operating Air Conditioning.