Solar Pumps


Solar water pumping System absorbs energy from sunlight & operates the pump.
The system is automatic.
The pump starts on sufficient sunlight in morning & stops in dim light in the evening.
The system has inbuilt pump dry run protection.
So whenever the water is exhausted in the well or tank the pump stops automatically.



Borewell as well as open well pumps can be installed as per customers requirement.Applications: Agricultural Pumping, Green House Water Pumping, Drip Irrigation, Apartments common water pumping, Inline Booster water pumping, Fogging, Canal Water Pumping & Industrial Water Supply.

Borewell: 0.5Hp to 10.0Hp Discahrge:10LPM to 800LPM
Openwell:0.5Hp to 10.0Hp Discharge 200LPM to 4000LPM.
Customised systems also available as per client requirement.
Already installed pumps can also be operated on solar system.



No Electricity required. Operation in remote areas is possible.
1-1.5 YEARS against diesel pump
4-5 YEARS against Utility Electricity
Long lasting performance with negligible maintainence.
Normal electrical operation also possible where grid is present.