Solar Street Lights Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have researched the market , but I found big variations in price from supplier to supplier. Why is it so ?

Ans. Solar Street Light is nowadays a very common product. So, lots of suppliers are in this field. But, due to severe competition they operate in ultra low margins. So, as a result the street lights nowadays are of very inferior quality.

Ways to verify whether quailty is superior or inferior:

  • 1.Check the Solar Panel Rating
  • The wattage of the panel decides how much energy will be captured from sun
  • 2.Check the Battery Ratting
  • The AH capacity of battery will decide how much energy can be stored in battery to use at night
  • 3.Check the LED Rating
  • The brightness & spread of light depends on the type & no. of LEDs used. Also, it depends on the Lumens per watt i.e. Amount of light obtained per Watt of Power consumed.
  • 4.Check whether Battery is SMF or Tubular
  • SMF batteries are cheaper & dont require maintainence but dont last long (typically 2-3.5 years)
  • Tubular batteries are costlier & require water topup every 3-4months. But it lasts long (5-7 years)
  • 5.Check the height of pole
  • To reduce cost suppliers give shorter poles like 3mtr or 4mtr.
  • Usually to have uniform light spread we recommend
  • 4mtr—–> 6  LED (7watt  ) ( Brightness: 720   Lumens)
  • 5mtr—–> 9  LED (11watt) ( Brightness: 1080 Lumens)
  • 6mtr—–> 12LED (11watt) ( Brightness: 1440 Lumens)

2. What is the Cost of Solar Street Light ?

Ans. Solar Street Light cost varies on various factors mentioned above and ranges from

Rs.9000 to Rs.30000​