Why Solar ?

Energy & Climate has been headlines news at the top of the government agendas and a growing concern for everyone. Solar power is an important part of our energy future and one of the cleanest forms of energy.

Zero emission of greenhouse gases or other pollutants.

Scalability for 10Watts to 100,000,000Watts or 100MW

Power Saving from day one .No gestation period.

Cheaper than utility power in some areas or at par at many places.

Can be installed anywhere in India even without site survey

Reliablity & availability time higher compared to other renewable sources

Windpower: 100-150days

Hydropower: 270 days

Solar Power:330  days

Tax Benefits I Free Electricity | Less Electricity Bills | More Profits | Silent operation I Eco Friendly I Stand alone I Reliable | Long Life I Easy to install   Automatic Operation I Weather Resistant | Minimal Maintenance